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Jan Richardson, Ph.D. is an educational consultant based in Wisconsin who has trained thousands of teachers and works with schools and districts to ensure that every student succeeds in reading. Jan’s work is informed by her experience as a reading specialist, a Reading Recovery teacher leader, a staff developer, and a teacher of every grade ...

Jan Richardson's latest book supports teacher planning for each stage of reading. There is a chapter devoted to each stage which clearly describes how to complete each step of a guided reading lesson. Each step of the lesson for each stage of reading is supported by videos of Jan teaching and adaptations for DLL and Students with IEPS.
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THE NEXT STEP FORWARD IN GUIDED READING © 2016 by Jan Richardson, Scholastic Inc. • scholastic.com/NSFresources 317 APPENDIX F Sight Word Charts for Monitoring ...
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2. Free Lessons Aligned to the CCSS On the far left it will say “Kindergarten.” Click on the grade you want. 3. Speaking of the Common Core, here are some complex texts that are leveled: FYI for Kids.
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Master reading teachers Jan Richardson, Ph.D., and Maria Walther, Ed.D., developed and classroom-tested this lean, smart assessment kit to provide teachers with a complete picture of each reader’s word knowledge, phonics skills, fluency, and comprehension skills.
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Jan Richardson leads targeted lessons that accelerate reading growth for K–8 students. In this resource-rich spiral-bound book, Richardson shares prompts, discussion starters, teaching points, words lists and more to support all students, including dual language learners and struggling readers.
Aug 01, 2013 · Watch America's favorite teacher of guided reading, Jan Richardson, lead targeted lessons that accelerate the growth of transitional and fluent readers in grade 3 and higher. Jan demonstrates exactly how to plan, teach, check for understanding, and reteach. An easy-to-use View & Do guide helps teachers put what they've seen right into action.
THE NEXT STEP FORWARD IN GUIDED READING © 2016 by Jan Richardson, Scholastic Inc. • scholastic.com/NSFresources 307 APPENDIX E Lesson Plan Templates Pre-A Lesson ...